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Slip And Fall Attorneys in Eastern Florida

You are deeply engrossed in your thoughts when all of a sudden you slip and fall, and you land on a hard surface. These kinds of slips and falls are the main source of emergency visits to hospitals in the United States. The individual who is injured often ends up taking care of the expenses that caused the injuries, however, many times it’s another person who should actually pay. Where the mishap happened and whether somebody’s carelessness prompted the hazardous conditions that caused the fall are the deciding factors in slip and fall claims.

In a situation where you have been harmed in a slip and fall mishap, and you figure out that you may have a case, it is ideal to contact the expert slip and fall attorneys in Eastern Florida at BC Law FL, as quickly as time permits.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and can cause a wide range of injuries. Air terminals, cafés, markets, hotels and malls are only a couple of instances of places in which these accidents can happen. Additionally, we see increasingly more slip and fall injuries at enormous retail locations in Florida. Careless property owners ought to be considered responsible for the injuries that they cause. BC Law FL will cautiously investigate your slip and fall mishap to decide whether you are qualified to be compensated for your injuries.

Negligence of a property owner can be because of their inability to:

  • Properly maintain the premises 
  • Carry out inspections
  • Perform repairs
  • Provide warning
  • Follow up or have a method of operation 

Does the Property Owner owe an obligation for a slip and fall injury?

To begin with, the property owner must owe an obligation or commitment to the person in question. For the most part, property owners don’t owe an obligation to illegal visitors like intruders or robbers. Property owners owe an obligation to legitimate visitors, however, that obligation is dependent upon the kind of property and nature of the relationship that exists between the visitor and the owner. Café Managers, storekeepers, and administrators of other public places ordinarily owe visitors an obligation of ensuring the safety of their premises for their visitors. They should find a way to search out and prevent unidentified dangers, (for example, wet floors or breaks in the floor). Generally, homeowners owe a lesser obligation; they should address or caution visitors of any risks they are aware of. (For example, a loosened step or wood plank), however, they are not obligated to examine their properties for new dangers.

Next, the property owner or administrator more likely than not breached that obligation. For instance, they may have neglected to clean or label a spill, or neglected to introduce adequate lighting in a zone with dangers on the floor.

Finally, the victim should have experienced genuine harm. Just falling over doesn’t trigger risk if the casualty didn’t suffer from genuine harm. Our slip and fall lawyer will collaborate with you to establish the degree of your physical injury by proving, for instance, your medical records, hospital expenses, lost wages, or other proof of genuine harm.

Kinds of Slip and Fall Injuries

A few wounds that are usually caused by slip and fall injuries are:

  • Neck, back, and spinal cord.
  • Skull, brain, and head
  • Knees, shoulders, and elbow
  • Broken and fractured bones, for example, hips, lower legs, ankle, arms, tailbone
  • Tendon, and ligament damage.
  • Bruising, slashes, and other scars.

Statute of Limitation of Slip and Fall Cases in Florida

In a personal injury lawsuit, it’s critical to keep in mind that filing a claim for compensation for your injuries has a deadline. Under Florida law, the legal time limit for a slip and fall case is four years from the time of the incident. In a situation where your claim is not established before the deadline, in all probability, your case will be rejected.

Although, you might consider four years to be quite a while, however, this time limit can pass quicker than you might expect. It’s imperative to put in mind that the four-year cutoff time begins immediately after the mishap happened, not the date you found out that you experienced a physical injury, discovered that the property owner knew about the danger, or when your lawsuit was rejected by an insurance agency.

Comparative Negligence During Slip and Fall Lawsuit

The policy of “pure comparative fault” is usually enforced in Florida (also called pure comparative negligence), which portrays the connection that exists between liability and fault which is disseminated between the parties involved.

Pure comparative fault permits slip and fall casualties to file a claim and be compensated regardless of whether they are 50% at fault for their own injuries and as a matter of fact, you can be 99 percent to blame and still be able to file a claim to receive compensation for the one percent that is owed to another individual.

Steps That Should be Taken After a Slip and Fall Accident

Our lawyers at BC Law FL are available to provide assistance with navigating through the process that should be taken after a slip and fall mishap:

  • Collection of Evidence 
  • Making A Report on the Accident 
  • Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit.
  • Collecting Your Compensation 
  • Receiving Medical Treatment 

We have lawyers who will counsel and guide you at all times. During slip and fall claims, insurance agencies utilize scare strategies to keep away or limit compensations after a mishap.

What Can You Recover?

In Florida, if you suffer an injury as a result of a slip or fall incident, you might be qualified to be compensated for these kinds of cash damages:

  • Previous and subsequent medical costs 
  • Previous and subsequently lost wages and lost earning capacity 
  • Previous and subsequent future torment, mental misery, suffering, and the loss of enjoying everyday life. 

In a situation where you have inquiries regarding the amount of cash damages you might be qualified to get for your own injuries after a slip and fall, you can reach out to our law office today. We have professional slip and fall lawyers who will gladly discuss your case with you, retain engineers, architects, and different specialists to finalize a full examination of the occurrence and clarify the damages you ought to be qualified to be compensated for according to Florida law.

Get in touch with a Slip and Fall Lawyer

After deciding to collaborate with our slip and fall lawyers from BC Law FL, keep in mind that you will be working with a certified team that will direct you in looking for medical attention, diagnostic analysis, and all that you will require to establish your case. Reach out to us immediately if you or somebody you know has experienced a slip and fall injury.