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Bicycle Accidents Lawyers in Stuart

Bikes are undeniably turning into a well-known method of transportation, and some neighborhoods are expanding bike paths with other safety improvements. Sadly, many drivers don’t have the foggiest idea on how to safely drive on the road with Bike riders, and careless and erroneous drivers could make a bicyclist suffer life-changing or catastrophic injuries.

Careless drivers who make a bicyclist suffer an injury needs to compensate the injured party. But the victim has the option of filing a lawsuit or seeking a damage claim. This situation can be very difficult, particularly when you are adapting to severe injuries or you lost a loved one as a result of a Bike accident or handling grief.

The most ideal approach to preserving your rights after a bike accident in Florida is to find support from our professional bicycle accidents lawyers at BC Law FL.

Highest Number of Bike Fatalities in America occur in Florida

Bike riding on the open streets is associated with risks. Bike paths might be limited or nonexistent, the traffic rules might be hazy or obscure to the rider at a very busy intersection, and negligent drivers may easily not notice or think about a Bike rider prior to making an unexpected movement. The danger is considerably more serious in Florida than in other parts of the nation.

In the recent decade, California and Florida have been considered the riskiest states in the nation for Bike riders. As indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2017, Florida is at the foremost among the country’s quantity of bicyclist fatalities. About 125 Bike riders bite the dust in the state. The numbers became worse in 2018 as there were 6,568 bike accidents in Florida, prompting 148 fatalities and 6,175 injured individuals. The primary estimation for 2019 appeared comparable or even worse.

In a situation where your loved one dies in a bike accident by a careless driver, a flawed vehicle part, or a carelessly planned traffic intersection, you have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit to be compensated for the damage your family has endured.

Florida Bike Accidents Liability

If you suffered an injury as a result of a Bike mishap, you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for your wounds. A survivor of personal injury has about four years from the date of the incident to start a case in Florida. In a situation where you can demonstrate liability for your situation, you can receive compensation from the individuals at fault.

In Florida, bicyclists are awarded similar legitimate rights and obligations as other drivers. Most vehicle drivers are usually careless when moving on the road with a bicyclist. For instance, a driver who is distracted may not see a bicyclist until the individual crashes into the victim.

In such a case, you can file for a personal injury lawsuit, according to a legal liability theory known as negligence. Negligence is the inability of an individual to carry out sensible care. To hold a respondent subject under negligence, you should show that the defendant had an obligation to practice care; that this obligation of care was violated by the individual; and the violation caused your wounds.

What You Should Do After a Bike Accident

Once you crash into a vehicle while riding your Bike, the most significant thing to do is seek legal advice. Ordinarily, drivers and their insurance agencies will attempt to reprimand the bicyclist as the cause of the accident particularly if the accident was quite severe. You shouldn’t let the insurance agency scare you into feeling that you were at fault for the accident. Rather, ensure that you don’t provide any assertion about the mishap until you get the opportunity to speak to a lawyer that will protect your rights.

To sum up, below are the procedures to take after a bike accident:

  • Call the police for serious accidents.
  • Seek medical care at the earliest opportunity 
  • Take photos of the location of the accident
  • Get the contact details of any observer.
  • Don’t repair your bike for use as proof 
  • Contact our Florida personal injury lawyers

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Common Bike Accident Injuries

Bicyclists are at a higher risk of fatalities than other drivers during an accident. Even for less serious accidents, bicyclists are at a higher risk of experiencing a wide scope of serious wounds. At our law office, our personal injury lawyers in Florida have helped bike accident victims receive reasonable compensation by filing an injury claim for wounds such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussion 
  • Road rash and burns 
  • Chest injury 
  • Degloving injury 
  • Severe brain injury 
  • Amputation
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis 
  • Wrongful death and so on.

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What to do in a Situation Where I'm Partly Responsible for the Bike Accident?

A defendant for your situation may contend that you are mostly answerable for your injuries. Like vehicle and transporters, bicyclists have an obligation to utilize sensible care while plying the road to guarantee their security and of others. For instance, in a situation where a bicyclist overlooks a traffic light or sign and is then struck by a vehicle, the driver could contend that the bicyclist is also to blame.

Notwithstanding, contributory negligence doesn’t forestall receiving compensation by the victim of a bicycle accident. Florida permits the victim of an accident to be compensated for their wounds regardless of the blame. This implies that you may in any case have the option to recover damages, but the measure of the damages recoverable will be decreased with respect to the level at which you are to blame.

Recovering of Damages and Compensation

You might have the option of recovering damages in case you suffered an injury during a Bike accident. You can be compensated for your present and subsequent medical expenses, loss of pay, and property damage. Relatives of a deceased victim because of their wounds suffered from the accident might have the option of recovering damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Recoverable damages could incorporate expenses for burial and funeral service, loss of future income, and loss of friendship.

How To File Punitive Damages for Bike Accident in Stuart, Florida

In contrast to extraordinary and regular damages, the court allocates punitive damages with the aim of punishing the defendant for their conduct and hinder future behavior, which is not the same as providing compensation for the losses suffered by a victim.

To be held responsible for punitive damages, commonly, the jury or judge must find the defendant guilty of deliberate conduct or severe negligence. The conduct must be severe to the point that it exhibited deliberate indifference to the person in question. Also, the defendant probably knew about the injustice of their conduct and that it is very dangerous and risky for someone else.

How Our Treasure Coast Florida Bike Accident Lawyers Can Help

We have professional bike accident attorneys that can handle your case in its entirety and can oversee all its requirements. We can carry out an investigation at the crash site, figure out who ought to be liable, request a settlement, and even prosecute your case if need be.

Our professional attorneys are highly experienced in investigating your case, evaluating the claim and how to speak on your behalf with the required professionalism and strength. We would implement our immense experience during any discussion to ensure that you obtain a fair settlement. We will also represent you effectively in court if the guilty party refuses to provide reasonable compensation.